3 Reasons Why You Need to Learn English

Learning English can be time-consuming and challenging but it is definitely worth the effort. With the interconnection of the world in one global village, the need to learn the language cannot be underestimate. Here is a look at the top reasons why you need to learn English.


Not many people will understand your primary language but majority of the people in the world will. It is actually estimated that there are 2 billion people who use English on a regular basis for communication. When you learn English you are able to communicate with people from many parts of the world. When it comes to handling official matters and trade, it is the most commonly used language as well. Knowing English therefore will make you more desirable to employers and make it for you to negotiate in business deals. Easy access to knowledge The most prominent universities offer their courses in English. By learning the language therefore, you get the chance to get quality education from such institutions. Technical journals and periodicals that acclaim great scientists, engineers and other professions are printed in English. The internet has brought a wealth of information from all corners of the world. Most of this content (50%) is printed in English which means that if you do not understand the language you will be missing out on most of it. There are translation softwares you can use but it is never accurate.

Vast entertainment

Movies, films, songs, books, video games and other forms of entertainment are mostly available in English. Though movies could include subtitles, these might do more harm than good making you concentrate more on the writings than the actual movies. This can be very boring. When you learn English you open yourself up to more entertainment options and you are not restricted language barrier. No matter what sort of entertainment it is that you enjoy English opens up much more opportunities.